Hikvision Thermal Products

Covering Security, Thermography, and Commercial Vision, Hikvision Thermal Cameras guarantee layered situational awareness across a range of scenarios such as perimeter protection, temperature measurement, and fire detection. They “see” from extended distances under virtually any light or weather condition, distinguishing people and vehicles from other objects with Deep Learning capabilities. Augmented with visible light imaging and visualized metadata, Hikvision Thermal Cameras are the ideal choice for enhanced awareness of events and emergencies 24/7.

Thermal Security Cameras

Thermal Cameras for perimeter protection 24/7 with advanced thermal detectors that provide excellent image performance with high efficiency.

Thermography Cameras

Thermography Cameras have been used widely in detecting temperature anomalies before a fire starts, finding hot spots and invisible defects on machinery or electrical systems that could indicate a potential problem.

Commercial Vision Thermal Cameras

Commercial Vision thermal products are for both professional and personal users with advanced thermal technology